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Born and raised in New York, Ian Brill left the Lower East Side of Manhattan to live in Pittsburgh PA, days before the events of 9/11. He has completed a BA in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, an MFA in New Media at The University of Pennsylvania State and an apprenticeship under Austrian New Media artist, Kurt Hentschläger. Over the last twenty years he has participated in hundreds of art-related events, across a dozen countries. Among his collaborators are Mozilla, GitHub, Carnegie Mellon University, The Knight Foundation, Curated Storefront, The City of Akron, Museum de Pompidou, and The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. He has completed over 50 Public Art Installations and performed in over a hundred productions through such organizations as Spirit, VIA, Carnegie Museum of Art, Unicorn Meat NYC and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. He is a partner at Primer Industries, instructs digital art at Pennsylvania State University and has played a critical role in the execution of New Media installations at the Wood Street Galleries, since 2008.


Sammy D.Smith is an Artist, Painter, Sculptor, and Curator living and working in the Pittsburgh Area. Originally from Carnegie, Sammy left in 2006 to Join the U.S Marine Corps, and served two combat deployments in both Iraq, and Afghanistan. Upon returning he utilize art as a form of re-exposure to past events. Sam uses experiences and knowledge gained in the wars he had served mediated by observations of repetitious archetypal behaviors, that continuously arise throughout which perpetuates both triumph and folly through out human existence. Sammy’s work attempts to remove a personal narrative so that his work might strike at the core of an emotion or represent a behavior that hopefully another human being can understand, or more importantly feel.


Keith Tassick was born in Pittsburgh and will probably die from breathing so much of the air there for as long as he has. Since 2014 has worked for a large financial institution and in offices and offices for years and years before that. He has organized and curated art events under bridges, in abandoned buildings, and - on rare occasions - in legitimate institutions like The Mattress Factory. His art work has appeared in The Chicago Underground Film Festival, The Pittsburgh Biennial, and in landfills around Western Pennsylvania.

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