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Sammy D. Smith is an Artist, Painter, Sculptor, and Curator living and working in the Pittsburgh Area. Originally from Carnegie, Sammy left in 2006 to Join the U.S Marine Corps, and served two combat deployments in both Iraq, and Afghanistan. Upon returning he utilize art as a form of re-exposure to past events. Sam uses experiences and knowledge gained in the wars he had served mediated by observations of repetitious archetypal behaviors, that continuously arise throughout which perpetuates both triumph and folly through out human existence. Sammy’s work attempts to remove a personal narrative so that his work might strike at the core of an emotion or represent a behavior that hopefully another human being can understand, or more importantly feel.

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“Son Set In The Hills” is a figurative representation of loss, and how experienced one can be. This sullen female figure (which reappears frequently throughout my work) functions as the archetypal mother of loss; the Pieta with the sons and daughters long gone and buried, numb to the viewer like an intrusive photo in a national geographic

“Little Green Army Men; Tarjuman ( Interpreter )” is a sculpture made from the memory of the death of a man named who picked the name Jason. This is a remembrance of the men and women who fought along side us bravely for liberation from the Taliban, and succumbed to the brutality of the Taliban.

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