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Andrew W Allison began making things early on in order to engage with his experiences with night terrors. He creates intuitive paintings and sculptural installations using hand-made, mixed media objects that explore identity, memory, and the preternatural.
The work focuses on the intangible relationships between our objects and our perceptual memories. The uncanny and the familiar co-mingle in an open environment.

Andrew Allison: Members


////- - - - - - -\\\\

What I left
I was and am
I am Insect and
Puffed sugar
I am
As boy
As girl
As violence
Plastic like precious metal Clogged drains
Small animals that run
I am giant
I am helpless
I am unvanquished thought
I am vanquisher
I am Tunnels under
I am and follow spark and sparkle I am my death’s glow

Andrew Allison: Text
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