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Born 1963 in Reading, England, and quite possibly; under a wanderin’ star has been an artist several times on, and off over the years, and likely will be again a few times yet. He looks good on paper; with a bachelor of fine arts from here, and a masters from there, and even a few minor teaching credits along the way, but it’s more likely true that he is actually an outsider artist who got caught in the tide, and snuck through without anyone noticing. His studio is stocked full with material, artifact, and often; inspiration gathered free, only within walking distance of his home. Human detritus, and wastefulness long seem to have sat at the heart of much of his work, both in theme, and fabric. Usually utilized, or repurposed to satisfy the formalist who sits at his core, fashioning kinder, more contemplative useless objects. Essentially; a dung beetle of the anthropocene.

Brett Day: Members
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